Do you read me?

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Bookstores around the world (English)


Do You Read Me? is a literary journey that takes in the most inspiring, remarkable, and successful bookstores that our world has to offer. An incredibly diverse array of ideas, creativity, and commitment thrives here. 

Whether in a futuristic temple to design in Shanghai, in an antiquarian treasure trove in Tel Aviv, or on a book boat in Burgundy, owners and visitors are united by their deep love for the written word. Do You Read Me? presents bookstores located in private apartments, old factories, and even a boat; stores focused on books for children or dedicated to film or art; and stores devoted entirely to the sea, architecture, or magic. 

Bestselling author Jen Campbell has some wonderful anecdotes from her time as a young bookseller. In extra guest contributions, business coach Fiona Killackey and Guardian books reporter Alison Flood write about the everyday challenges and key success factors for independent bookstores. Juergen Boos, the director of the legendary Frankfurt Book Fair, has provided a lovely foreword. 

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