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Of surfing on the exponential curve of digitization and the crack in the reality of a generation


With one foot in the analog - and one in the digital age.

Every young, hungry generation shakes the status quo and wants to reinvent the world. For those born in the 1970s, opportunity fell at their feet as virtual space opened before them.

But if you pierce through the sugar layer of liking, following, sharing and happy emojis today, you can see what has become of the internet, this unknown continent to which we set out with blind enthusiasm: a cold, controlled and commercial place , infused with superstructures in which we are trapped.

Time for critical self-reflection. Time to break out of the hamster wheel of the New Economy, to give slow thinking its space again and to recognize: »If we seize the opportunity, then our time doesn’t have to be a hell of a ride on the exponential curve of digital transformation – who wants that? Rather, we can then see it as the age in which the cycle of knowledge closes.«

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