transform No. 7

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Print Supersize – 208 pages


The new body culture

The transform magazine deals with the good life, what prevents us from leading it and solutions.

In this issue we deal with the new personal culture. On over 200 pages and in dozens of illustrations by over 20 artists, we encourage you to think, laugh, take courage and act. It's about new beauty, disability, the reconquest of space, the connection between social injustice and illness and ways to build a solidary health system from below.

Plus: 3D printed body parts, overdeveloped senses, selfies and plastic surgery. We break a lance for waving arms, look forward to post-pandemic physical experiences, think about everyday but actually funny words and introduce some really good people who ensure tax justice, paint over discrimination or make late night snacks an island. The cherry on top of this magazine cake: graphic novels and a short story.

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