Stand up - feminism for everyone

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Today, women can become chancellor or pilot, they can study mechanical engineering, wear pants or skirts, have children or not. So why do we still need feminism?


The answer is very simple: We are still miles away from true equality. As long as Heidi Klum shows her trained girls on TV, as long as social media is reinvigorating old role models and girls think it's more important to be pretty than smart, as long as the number of cosmetic surgeries continues to grow, as long as women are paid less for the same work than men – all is not well for so long.

Julia Korbik has written a handbook for everyone who finally wants to change something: colorful, entertaining, informative, up to date. With new interviews and portraits of strong women and men who are role models today: Emma Watson, Taylor Swift , Margarete Stokowski, Sophie Passmann, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Beyoncé and many more.

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