Art, commerce and having children

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Permanent employment, freelance, company and family start-up


The decision on how you want to live and work is perhaps the most important of your life.
André Hennen worked as a copywriter in the most renowned agencies before he ventured into self-employment. Today he and his wife Christine work alternately as freelancers and also share the parenting responsibilities fairly. In his book, André manages to list the advantages and disadvantages, risks, side effects and implications of the different work systems without evaluating them himself, and to anticipate the questions that one should ask oneself in the course of making one's own decision. From his own experience and based on countless interviews with others, he gives food for thought and speaks openly about things that are often not even discussed behind closed doors.

Cheerful and writing easily, he also talks about daily rates and negotiation strategies, presentations and pitches, calculation, taxes, insurance, reserves, reminders, fears and obstacles. This makes Art, Commerce & Having Children the ideal coach for your life decision and a real gift for everyone who has so far shied away from the fundamental decision of a creative lifestyle.

André's thirst for action is contagious, his insights into the scene are deep and his experience speaks from every line, without once being lecturing or even patronising.

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