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Home away from home. A book about commuting.


A loving portrait of the backpacking nomads of the on-the-go generation.

Semester abroad in Århus, internship in Lisbon, semester project in Prague, university place in Leipzig, freelance job in Berlin, coworking project in Barcelona – never before have people been on the road so much. And never before has being on the move been so natural. The Macbook is always at hand, travel becomes working time. The urban equipment consists of WiFi and water bottle, backpack and trolley case, charging cable and reading matter. Welcome and farewell are a matter of course in everyday life. Bahncard and bonus miles become the enablers of a life concept.

For those who are at home on the go, the world becomes a studio. The narrowness of the means of transport makes the desired distance impossible, other people's lives interweave with one's own for hours.

Siri Matthey commutes as a freelance illustrator to magazines in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin and processes her experiences in a sketchbook. She observes, eavesdrops, sketches and sharpens pointedly. For us, she also tested the means of transport that were previously on her not-to-travel-by list.

If you are constantly on the move yourself, you will recognize many things with a smile - if not, you can find out here how the backpack nomads are doing, who only seem to not be working...

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