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A lustful, funny romance about people struggling with being young and growing old. And with the fact that their imagination beats reality by far. But then things happen that even they would never have imagined.


Anna and Max, both in their mid-40s, went to school together and much later became a couple with boring couple fantasies out of laziness. But then Anna, plagued by all the side effects of getting older, falls in love with a woman for the first time, with 27-year-old Lilly. And Max falls in love with Lilly's roommate Sue, who only goes to bed with him for money. Anna dreams of Lilly, but sleeps with a movie star. Lilly, in turn, has to take care of her little brother, who drives parents and teachers to despair, but Anna hasn't escaped her notice. Psychoterror and madness creep into the story, but a happy ending is aimed for.

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