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ROM is a society magazine that tells about people, resistance, changes and visions.


The roar of global events is never experienced in the same way, and people and societies experience crises at the same time and live visions that are lost in it.

A few highlights:

  • In London, some areas that are still cycleable today could soon be flooded. In the backyards of Minsk, Belarus, people are inventing idiosyncratic forms of protest and solidarity. And in the desert of southern California's Bombay Beach, data artists design digital utopias.
  • People are also in turmoil when loved ones protest at Black Lives Matter demos and breathing becomes increasingly difficult. George Floyd called out to his mother during the long minutes of his death. The gesture of kneeling tells tales of submission and rebellion.
  • In India, a granddaughter is probably going through her grandfather's last crisis. Another grandfather has already died, but the crisis comes later.
  • Menstruation is not just a physical phenomenon, but a complex of economics, colonial history, scientific politics and pain. Violent Islamists lie on the couch with psychoanalysts. There are also corona deniers and people who are afraid of dying alone.
    • The internet is a pretty broken place to surf as a feminist. Refugees are housed in a former psychiatric ward on the outskirts of Berlin and share the line of sight with people from the correctional facility.

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