On Being Nice

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A book about being nice.


Most of the books that want to change us try to make us richer or thinner.

This book - On being nice by The School of Life - aims to help us be nicer: less irritable, more patient, more listening, warmer, less prickly. Kindness may not have the immediate appeal of money or fame, but it is nonetheless a very important trait that we neglect at our peril.

This is a guide to the uncharted landscape of kindness , which gently guides us to the key themes of this forgotten quality. We learn how to be charitable, how to forgive, how to be natural and how to calm down. We learn that kindness is consistent with strength and is not an indicator of naivety. Kindness deserves to be rediscovered as one of the highest human achievements.

To the chapters:

  • Why We Don't Really Want to be Nice
  • Charity
  • Politeness
  • Losers and Tragic Heroes
  • What is the Purpose of Friendship?
  • How to Overcome Shyness
  • Why Flirting Matters
  • How to Be a Good Listener
  • The Charm of Vulnerability

Content: Hardcover book | 123 pages | Yellow bookmark
Dimensions: 125 x 185 x 15 mm
Language: English
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