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The dream of a successful own studio — and the sure way to get there



Guide to self-employment


During their studies and their first years of work, creative people learn a lot about craftsmanship and techniques, they develop their style and discover their talent. What is hardly mentioned is the economic aspect of creative life. You live for your ideas, but how you live from them remains a closed book.

As an employed designer, you get a more or less transparent salary, more or less insight into the numbers. Rather less. And because numbers remind you of math, you shy away from them too. So you stay, change agencies, you're more or less satisfied - but you shy away from the big leap into self-employment. Too dangerous. Too risky.

This book will change that


Martina Flor dared. She enjoys the freedom of being able to decide for herself which jobs she accepts and which ones she doesn't. When does she work and what. She's her own boss and she likes to be that. She teaches and networks, travels and gives lectures. And she can make a living from it. What's more, she proves every day that children and a career are not mutually exclusive if you plan and live your independence solidly. She knows about the stumbling blocks and cliffs in everyday freelance work. And she reveals how to circumnavigate or master them. She knows the advantages of a self-determined life. And she knows how to secure your independence in the long term.

Martina Flor has the gift of sharing experience and knowledge in such a way that her energy and joie de vivre are infectious. Just like you, she loves what she does. But she does it at her own pace. Sets her own priorities. And she describes it all with such infectious enthusiasm that you'll want to do the same. At the same time, she gives you the tools that will make you a successful entrepreneur. Because you are nothing else than a freelancer. And that sounds very appealing now, doesn't it?

You can dream of your own studio for the rest of your life - or take advantage of the times when everything is changing anyway - and jump!

You are already self-employed, but things are not going well at the moment? Even then you can benefit from Martina Flor's experience. She speaks openly about pricing and bidding, licenses and renewals, financial management and scheduling, and all those things that sound dry but ultimately decide whether or not you're happy with your creative day. Rarely do founders speak so openly about their experiences, money and status are often regarded as trade secrets. Not so with Martina Flor. She shares her knowledge generously. And at a retail price that is not a hurdle, especially as it is tax-deductible.

Language: German

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