Das Wetter #27

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This time Das Wetter is coming again with a total of five cover stories:


The Austrian band Bilderbuch and Das Wetter have been accompanying each other since our second edition. We wrote about the music of the flu and have talked to Maurice Ernst ever since - we haven't been to the US together yet. This changed at the end of last year when Bilderbuch toured the States together with Roosevelt - on their heels the visual artist Jonas Höschl, who describes his experiences between Washington D.C. and New York City in text and pictures in this issue.


The songs of Paula Hartmann from Berlin are touching. This is mainly due to their song lyrics about and from the big city, which in German didn't sound as polished, detailed and cool and honest as they used to. Sometimes Paula even reminds you of a certain Peter Fox. Paula Hartmann and Sascha Ehlert talked about why it is the way Paula writes, how she perceives her hometown, about her youth and her early musical influences in the Charlottenburg pub zum Hecht. Meklit Fekadu Tsige took the photos and Neslihan Değerli did the styling.


Shivan Darouiche aka Badchieff has dabbled in music since he was a teenager. First as a DJ, then as a solo musician somewhere between various musical chairs, he chased from one sense of achievement to another until his debut album Chieff Loves You was released in autumn 2021. As a result, Shivan, who was born in the suburbs of Munich, moved to Berlin, fell in love and began to think about how he could better reconcile his ambition and his love of freedom. And so Sascha Ehlert (text) and Hakki Topcu (image) also met Badchieff in Berlin-Charlottenburg for a thoughtful conversation about his now and his future.


Marlon Nader aka Mavi Phoenix has also appeared in Das Wetter several times in the course of his career and has written about Mavi Phoenix for the first time since 2017 in the context of the EP Young Prophet , a great human and musical figure taken development. After his second album Marlon was released, Valerie Prinz met in Vienna to talk about co-star and Marlon's current state. The photos were taken again by: Jonas Höschl.


When talking about the most important contemporary visual artists, there is no way around Jacolby Satterwhite. Born in Columbia, South Carolina and trained as a painter by his mother and later by a university, the artist processes the black and queer history of America, his biography, pop culture and European art history into complex, digital and moving paintings in his work bring an own and overwhelming cosmos to life. Because some of Jacolby's most important works are being shown in Germany for the first time (as part of the group exhibition at dawn in the Julia Stoschek Collection, which in this issue includes an interview with Lisa Long & Julia Stoschek (dedicated to the curators of the exhibition), as well as a text by hannah baer), we spoke at length with Jacolby about his art, which leaves a lasting impression.
Independent magazine for lyrics and music (and everything in between) from Berlin


Also in Das Wetter #27: Eli Preiss, Lin Hierse, Wolfram Lotz, Yade Jasemin Önder, caner teker, Benjamin Kakert, Standard Deviation and The Wa.

With literary texts/ essays (written and printed in the English original) by Mariana Berezovska and Vitali "Bard" Bardetski, as well as by Marius Goldhorn, Jovana Reisinger, Leonhard Hieronymi and Fid. fisherman.

Plus: a special about the literature festivalWe are here in 2022with contributions from Miryam Schellbach, Lena Gorelik, Shida Bazyar, Asal Dardan and Ozan Zakariya Keskinkılıç.

With texts by: Asal Dardan, Corinne Orlowski, Fid. Fischer, Jonas Höschl, Johann Voigt, Jovana Reisinger, hannah baer, Katharina Holzmann, Leonhard Hieronymi, Lynn Takeo Musiol, Mariana Berezovska, Marius Goldhorn, Ozan Zakariya Keskinkılıç, Sascha Ehlert, Valerie Prinz, Vitali Bard Bardetski and Zeynep Bozbay.

With visual contributions from: Amelie Kahn-Ackermann, André Simonow, Bahar Kaygusuz, Carolin Saage, Hakki Topcu, Jacolby Satterwhite, Jannic Dietz, Jonas Höschl, Julia Barde, Liubov Kucheriava, Meklit Fekadu Tsige, Mitchel Peters, Neslihan Değerli & Soumey Amadou.

Language: German

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