Die Buchhandlung der Wünsche

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For everyone to whom books mean the world


This is the story of a bookseller who grants all wishes - (don't they all?). He always finds the perfect book, he always succeeds in making people who love books happy. On its shelves are books that can only be deciphered under the full moon and those made especially for lovers. Guide to growing and caring for trees that bear books for fruit and a guide to the world's largest underwater library.

This is the story of a bookstore of wonder for those who want to read and wonder to new worlds, broaden their horizons and explore life-changing ideas. For everyone who is looking for and finding dreams between the pages of a book - or just a little break from everyday life. For everyone who is firmly convinced that books may not yet guarantee a happy life - but they are definitely an essential building block.

You won't find everything that the Bookshop of Desires offers at your local bookseller, but if you look closely, with eyes that love books and with respect for those who provide you with reading fodder, then you will realize that Shinsuke Yoshitake is not dedicating her declaration of love to a single, very special, somewhat portly gentleman with few hair and a mustache. But the people who accept and unpack goods in the morning before the shop opens. The booksellers who spend their evenings either doing the readings they host or judging copies of books based on whether they make you happy or smart. Those who give you orientation in the flood of new releases and recommendations in the store. And by that she certainly doesn't mean a small, round algorithm.

Maybe your bookshop doesn't (yet) stock seedlings of book trees, but the book autumn, at least it's already here. Perhaps there are no titles that can only be read under a full moon, but spines of books that are printed in glow-in-the-dark colors do exist. There might not yet be a book bot to prompt you to read on or remind you where you left off, but there are color-coordinated ribbon bookmarks. Sometimes even two. Because sometimes miracles are closer than you think...

Language: German

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