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What we can learn from female entrepreneurs about the future of business


Starting a Revolution is a business book for revolutionaries. It turns conventional business wisdom on its head and presents you with some radical alternatives.

Since founding their companies, Naomi Ryland and Lisa Jaspers have been searching for meaningful business advice; advice that helps build businesses while meeting the challenges of our time: climate change, deeply divided societies, growing inequality, and disillusioned and burned-out workers.

The advice they got from the start-up world or from business books seemed appropriate to these challenges. Mostly, advice for companies was based on "growth at any cost", competition and pressure paradigms. That felt outdated.

So they set out to find new ideas and new role models, focusing on a group of people who had been underrepresented in the world of business advice: women.

Over the past year, Naomi and Lisa have interviewed some of the world's most progressive female founders. What they learned radically changed the way they run their own businesses, and now they want to share that vision of the future with you.

Covering topics such as organizational development, leadership, recruiting, personal growth, team building, innovation, and fundraising, this is a practical business book for anyone who wants to rethink the world of work.

This is a book for founders*, investors*, managers*, business students* and anyone who believes the world of work needs a reboot. We believe that together we can start a revolution. And we hope you will join us.

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