Inspiring Family Homes

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Family-friendly interiors & design (English)
"Stay home, stay safe": this is probably the mantra we heard the most as Covid-19 spread across the globe, imposing lockdowns and requiring us to retreat to our homes. An abrupt interruption, the virus has given us a chance to reassess our priorities collectively and led to unexpected shifts in perception—our family habits have been profoundly shaken, leading to one underestimated consideration: the importance of home.

While our living spaces have transitioned to the new digital era, the crisis has required us to add functions and purposes to our dwellings. Many daily activities now happen simultaneously, blurring the lines between rest, work, study, exercise, and entertainment. Houses and apartments have turned into multipurpose spaces where all family members converge, fusing routines and bringing children and parents closer both physically and emotionally. This cultural shift has converted our interiors into safe sanctuaries: refuges to comfort and inspire us. The diverse domestic worlds showcased in this book remind us that whatever the location, size, or shape of our homes, what’s important is the way we surround ourselves with objects and interior design narratives that boost our mental and physical well-being.
Inspiring Family Homes takes the reader around the world, opening the doors of all kinds of homes. Whether in Berlin, Brooklyn, Normandy, Japan, or the Netherlands, this compilation offers readers a distillation of MilK’s various adventures—a gallery of vivid and distinctive portraits of people who make their interiors a place to express their creativity, their personality, and their art de vivre. From one continent to another, from family to family, influences of the most incredible variety make an appearance: whether collector, bargain hunter, minimalist, or nostalgic, everyone embodies their own unique brand of style. This book shows how these interior enthusiasts became the curators of their own decor and eventually created a place for gathering and growing. Bridging the topics covered by their two internationally acclaimed French magazines, MilK explores what it means to share an aesthetic space with young kids or teens, respecting individualities and fusing family routines while not relinquishing living in style. This book gathers the most emblematic and unique stories, allows an intimate look at a new generation of parents, and offers inspiration for any home and every family.

MilK is an independent magazine created in 2003 by Isis-Colombe Combréas. Family is what MilK is all about. From its debut as a pioneer in children’s fashion, MilK has become an international leader in the family lifestyle sector. It is a key influencer addressing the subjects of fashion, lifestyle, travel, culture, food, and society. It embodies an aesthetic and hedonistic take on life, seen through the prism of the family unit.

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